While searching online for information on high-street brands with ethical lines, I ended up on Primark’s homepage. While I was there, I saw an article called “Primark Legends” which I initially believed to be some kind of employee of the month staff profile kind of thing. The conclusion I came to was that Primark had decided to bridge the gap between customer and employee by putting a little weekly column up about a random staff member. In my head, this would remind customers that the person serving them was actually a human being. A person with thoughts and feelings, who had no control over stock or policy. It would also, from a marketing perspective, make the brand less faceless. A clever move given the recent push to support local or family businesses over corporations.

Instead, I was pretty stunned to discover that Primark Legends is actually an app game. To be fair, I have been asking for a Primark Sim for years….. Continue reading



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