So I Made A Youtube Channel - a photo of my computer screen showing my channel's homepage.So, I made a YouTube channel. That in itself isn’t a new development; I’ve had one for a while, because I used to film dance rehearsals and upload them for cast to review. I posted one public video, which was a time-lapse of me doing an overnight set build in a studio theatre. It seems like I’ve since deleted it. I regularly toyed with the idea of posting videos, but with my fear of cameras and my hatred of my own, monotonous voice, it didn’t seem like the most sensible move.

Lockdown, however, changed my mind. I think the boredom convinced me that my voice wasn’t that bad, though nothing short of losing 4 stone could persuade me to get on a camera. I also thought I could maybe get in a niche community quick, because I timed my first steps into Youtube with the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons. My first video went up at the end of March. I’ve since uploaded 22 others – which is a reasonable amount of consistency for me. I’m not well known for being able to commit to things. Continue reading

Get on this totally relevant picture.

When lockdown was first announced in England, I made a very concious decision to not buy anything but food. In my opinion, nothing but emergancy services should have been open. I’ll admit, my views can sometimes veer to the extreme; but as far as I was concerned, the goverment should have bought out the stock of supermarkets, and distribituted it fairly, so people didn’t even have to go shopping (but then there are other logistics in that…at least it would have stopped panic buying.) I took the pandemic very, very seriously. Continue reading

Online Learning with a fear of FailureThis time last year, I started a marine biology course, pretty much on a whim. Life wasn’t going very well, I was very downhearted about my career, and I knew I needed something to aim towards. I’d been interested in fish keeping for a while, and I knew I wanted to further my knowledge in marine environments, but I wasn’t sure how to do it, or if I’d be clever enough to. Then one day, while sitting in the waiting room of hospital with my Dad, I booked myself on to the first result that came up when I googled “Marine Biology online courses UK.” It was a snap decision, really. I did no research into the course, or the awarding body, and I had no background knowledge of the subject outside of a fish tank. But if not now, when? Continue reading

Heading Image - a very green plant!Two years ago, I wrote a post on tiny changes I was making to try and live a more eco-friendly life. At the time, I was excited the sustainable journey I saw ahead of me. I was going to save the world! Me and my reusable bottle were ready to change lives.

I did all the usual things; I got myself a reusable bottle (or three. I had a habit of losing them.) I carried a tote bag everywhere; I ditched my makeup wipes in favour of reusable pads. I swapped as many cleaning products in my home to eco-friendly ones. I already recycled, and I don’t drive, so in my head I was the most environmentally conscious I could be. I practically absorbed excess carbon as I walked through town. Continue reading

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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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