This policy applies to this website (The Uglyfish) and not to the third party sites used within – for example, Google Adsense, which collects cookies to show you more specific ads. Please see those sites for their own privacy policies.

What information is being collected?

To use The Uglyfish, no information has to be inputted by the user, however should you choose to discuss any blog posts, the comment form offers the option to input your name, an email address, and a URL which can be used to identify you. All of these are optional, and should you input these information, it will be visable to other readers – with the exception of your email address, which is only seen by me.

 Who is collecting it?

The information is being collected by The Uglyfish, through the WordPress CMS and the Jetpack plug in. Cookies are collected by Google Adsense, and can be deleted by yourself in your browser. Use of the website implies the user is content with the cookie use.

How is it collected?

Your information is collected via the CMS’ comment form. All information inputted into The Uglyfish is done with the user’s knowledge that their name, URL and comment will be visable to all internet users and sweeping bots. Cookies are also used to track your activity on this website. This information is only available to me in the form of statistics, and cannot be used to personally identify you. This information is stored for a month.

Why is it being collected?

The information is collected to identify you in amongst the comments, and to share your website. No information inputted is necessary to share the comment.

How will it be used and who will it be shared with?

The information will be used to list your comments on a specific post to the public. The public may, if you input a URL, use the comment to visit your own website. The Uglyfish will not share your e-mail address with anybody else, and will not use it to contact you outside of the website. Your information will be stored within the WordPress CMS. WordPress may use your e-mail address to verify your comments on other websites built through the CMS


Should you wish to see the data collected, or should you want to request your data be removed from the server, please contact me at katy (at) the (hyphon) uglyfish (dot) co (dot) uk. You have the right to have your data removed from this website at any point.




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