Finding Your Niche in Life?!

nicheI want to apologise in advance – but this is going to be  a rambly post. I started with a structure, but I just got so carried away while typing that I really lost my flow…however, I do think everything in this post is relevant – otherwise I would have deleted it. I’m sure we’ve all encountered something like this in our lives, and I’m also sure that you’ve been equally frustrated!

A while ago, while sifting through my Twitter feed, a saw a lot of book bloggers getting very angry over a comment left on a fellow blogger’s YouTube channel (I think!) The comment implied that the commenter struggled to accept that the girl in the video had actually read these books, as in the video she had a full face of make-up on. Could you really imagine someone who takes the time to contour snuggling up and getting engrossed in a book? Because, obviously, you are only allowed to have an interest in one thing.

Something similar happened when I visited a friend, who I don’t get to see very often. At the end of meeting, I walked back to her house and popped in to say hello to her mum – and also to see her Wii U, as I was thinking of getting one but wasn’t quite sure if I should. After finishing up a Mario Kart race, I offered her sister the controller and asked if she wanted a turn.

“No,” she replied. “I don’t play video games. I can read.”

I can totally see why she would say that – because as someone who enjoys playing video games, I obviously never took the time to learn to read. I can only do one of these things, that’s how life works. (I’ve since deduced, after my Internet Education, that she couldn’t have been able to read because she was wearing make up.)

I let the comment slide, though I was annoyed at the implication that I couldn’t read, as I didn’t want to get into an argument. I did start keeping track of how many times I encountered similar situations – where it was assumed because you like one thing, you cannot like another. People who play video games can’t read, people who wear make-up can’t read, people who read can’t wear make-up, people who like heavy metal music can’t like Taylor Swift, people who play video games can’t play sports, people who play sports can’t wear make up. You can’t like Marvel and DC, you can’t like PlayStation and Xbox. Some people seem shocked, surprised or even offended when you mentioned you like both. Some people don’t believe you, and test you on your chosen subject. Some accuse you of lying to fit in – or to stand out. You can’t win either way.

We see these clichés all the time in films and in books, where people fit so tightly into one area of interest they can’t cope with anything else – The Big Bang Theory being a fantastic example of this. And while I totally accept that some people who like science really won’t like sports, and some people who like make up and drinking don’t like science or video games, it doesn’t mean that the people who like both are lying. It doesn’t mean that people who like both are wrong. It doesn’t mean people who like everything are flaky or fake, or can’t commit to one thing. I doesn’t mean people who only like a few things are closed-minded. The closed-minded people are the people who don’t believe a girl with flawless make up could have, at any point, read a book.

I love video games. I love spending hours trying to unlock a dungeon or working my way around a map only for the solution to suddenly click. I love working in a guild to bring down a raid boss, and though I usually mess it up and everyone else has to pick up my slack, I still love it. I also love make up, and hair styling, though I’m terrible at them. I love colouring my hair and trying to make it look pretty. I really, really like dinosaurs, I also like playing Rugby. I love playing Chess. I also love Made in Chelsea.

You can play World of Warcraft in your prettiest dress. You can read a book while rocking the perfect contour. You can like Kesha and My Chemical Romance and Kayne West and The Beatles. You can do your most intricate nail art while watching Robot Wars. You can do your number crunching while watching Downton Abbey. You can follow NASA on Twitter and The Kardashians and be interested in what both have to say. Wearing mascara will not stop you from finding that elusive fossil in your dig. You do not have to have a ‘theme’ in life – you do not have to fit into a niche. Like everything you want, try everything you want – but don’t shy away from something just because you don’t think it fits with people’s ideas of what you should be able to do.

Just like as much as you want, for as much as you want to like it.


25th Birthday Treats

birthdayheaderOn Saturday, I turned 25 years old. Once I’d turned 19, all my ages blurred into one. I don’t feel any different, any more mature, than I did three years ago. The only two things that I could say are different are; I don’t get as many spots as I used to and that my eyes hurt a lot more. I was looking forward to being 25 though – quarter of a century years old sounds very impressive. I feel like I’ve done some really exciting things in my first 25 years – and considering I wasn’t in control of myself for the first 5 and in education for the next 17, I’m excited about what the next 25 years will bring!

That’s a tad dramatic, I know. I’m excited about what next week will bring too though!

As I had taken the morning off work (which, by the way, means not only do I have to not get paid for that shift, I also have to pay someone to learn my role and do it for me. 4 hours off cost me nearly £300!) we decided to take a trip to Conwy Castle, in North Wales. We set off at 11am, with the sun shining behind us ready for a day of exploring but 20 minutes into the trip, in the middle of the motorway, my mum’s car stopped accelerating. We ground to a halt just outside of Chester, and had to make our way back to Liverpool – returning at 1pm, so it wasn’t quite the day out we expected, especially seeing as I’d paid £300 for it!

Instead, we spent the afternoon playing board games and watching the Olympics, which was actually really nice in its own, relaxing, not-a-castle-but-still-fun way. At the age of 25 I still can’t beat my Dad at chess, though. I think I’ll accept that as one of those things in life I’ll never achieve, like doing a handstand or being 5ft 6. I then went into work to do the evening show, and actually had a wonderful evening. My friends had bought me a cake that was essentially a giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, so we all tucked into that. It was the thickest, most chocolatey cake I had ever eaten and by the start of Act 2 we were all ready for bed, just from the sheer amount of peanut butter we had eaten.

That’s another thing I’ve noticed about the mid-twenties actually, bed time seems to be getting earlier. 

I didn’t go to bed though, just to prove a point to myself. I stayed up playing World of Warcraft in preparation for the new expansion. You can never be too old for World of Warcraft.

I was a bit dubious about leaving this part of the blog in, because I didn’t want people to think I was boasting, but I’m a nosey person and love seeing what other people get for birthdays and Christmas so I kept it in, I hope nobody minds. I will apologise for the quality of the pictures though, they’re absolutely dreadful.

Birthday presents from Matt

Matt wasn’t here for my birthday, so he went overboard with the presents. The theme he went for was sparkly Harry Potter – so you can see some sparkly black shoes which I wear for work because they make me very happy, the collection of Quidditch balls, a Ravenclaw mug and a Gryffindor bowl, a Bulbasaur mug, a candle with a K on that smells of jasmine, a Ministry of Magic keyring, two sparkly tops, Black Opium by YSL, which coincidently comes in a sparkly bottle, Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube and Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS. I’ve played Monster Hunter a bit already and I love it, but I can’t wait to play Double Dash! He also gave me a lovely orchid which isn’t pictured because I wanted to leave it in the sunlight.


From my friends in work, and my best friend Christina, I got a mug with a K on and a larger coffee mug with Belle on – which also says “Make Your Own Fairytale.” I also got two pencils, one with a dinosaur topper and one shaped like a Harry Potter wand, two small dinosaur toys, a lovely Lush gift set, an Alice in Wonderland compact mirror and some chocolate which I had eaten by the time I took these pictures. The Horcrux bookmarks were from Matt’s family, who also bought me a Diagon Alley street sign and a lovely scarf, both of which are so huge I couldn’t fit them into a picture!

When is your birthday? How old will you be?


July Favourites 2016

July Favourites 2016

I really enjoyed July – it felt like the first time in ages where I’ve been able to enjoy a working life and a personal life. Pokémon Go and my NutriBullet have kept me on the go and my headaches finally got fixed! I loved so many things throughout July, I kept a list of them so I could write this post. but if I’d have listed everything I wanted to, I’d still be writing now!


Pokemon Go

It was inevitable that I would become obsessed with Pokémon Go – but I’ve taken myself by surprise at just how far I’ve gone to catch, hatch, and conquer Liverpool with my team. I’m going to be writing a more detailed post on my thoughts on Pokémon Go, but for now I just wanted to share some of my Pokémon.

Wartortle Lapras  Gyarados Rhydon Gengar





I’ve discovered so many interesting things and places around Liverpool since starting this game, from quirky coffee shops to beautiful architecture, and I’ve really loved going to so many walks to the docks, or having an excuse to take the scenic route to work. I’m really excited to see how the game continues to develop and change – and I hope we get to see Mewtwo soon!

Samsung S6 Charging CaseGeneric Charging Case

Of course, with the amount of Pokémon Go I’ve been playing, my phone battery has taken a bit of a battering. I bought myself a portable power bank in the past, but sometimes even that can’t keep up with the amount of battery drained by Pokémon Go. It’s also a bit awkward to have to walk around with the power bank in your pocket, with the wire trailing up to your phone. I’ve wanted a charging case for a while, but I’ve not really had need for a new case or the charge so it never seemed worth it. Pokémon Go, however, has changed all of that so I picked myself up a cheap charging case off eBay just to test the water with. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was really surprised. The case is quite bulky, but can still fit in your pocket easily. It can charge your phone quickly, and can store enough power for a full phone charge. The case does take a while to charge itself, and sometimes can get a bit hot, but for £10.00 it was undoubtedly worth it!
If you have a Samsung S6, you can buy one here!

Zombie – The Cranberries

The Cranberries were an Irish band, most prominent in the Britpop era. As a child, I listened to them on compilation CDs in the car with my family but in general, they were never really on my list of favourite bands. A few weeks ago, while bored, Matt was watching this video on YouTube, and there was a two line tribute to the song Zombie by The Cranberries, and I have not stopped listening to it since. It’s not to everyone’s taste, and it is quite melancholy, but I’m a big fan.

Davines Oi Shampoo and ConditionerDavines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner

As I’ve said in many posts in the past, my hair is battered from the hundreds of cheap box dyes that have been thrown on it, and the almost daily blow dries and straightening. Though I’ve been treating it much better over the past year, I’m reluctant to cut it, so it’s still suffering from split ends and frizziness. I’d tried cheap shampoos, I’d tried natural shampoos, I’d even tried no shampoo but nothing seemed to help. One headachey day in April, I confined myself to bed, listening to YouTubers and reading beauty blog after beauty blog and eventually I found Davines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner – highly recommend for dull, frizzy hair. I was a bit put off by the price tag, but I decided to splash out a bit and I’m very glad I did. Even after the first wash I could see and feel a difference in my hair. It was softer, less frizzy and had more shine, but it didn’t feel weighed down or greasy. The shampoo and conditioner both go a long way, and I’m still on the first bottles I bought in April. I’ve also found that, when I do blow dry, it seems to take half the time it used to but I can’t be sure that’s true. I might just have got better at blow drying my hair! The scent is a bit of a hit and miss – I really like it as it smells very natural and fresh, however Matt says it smells of dog sick and hates when I use it. I don’t know when he’s ever sniffed dog sick, but I’m 100% sure that it does not smell like this shampoo does.
I’m still looking to add to my hair care (with Jenny’s site being my biggest source of hair care information) but Davines is a fantastic starting point! I’ll definitely be repurchasing these when I run out, whenever that may be!

You can buy it in the UK here – it’s pricey but it’s worth it!

Are you playing Pokémon Go? What are your favourite hair care products?


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