Harry Potter Wand Collection

Harry Potter Wand Collection

Merchandise for films can be very hit and miss, but Warner Bros really backed a winner when they decided to re-create the famous wands from the Harry Potter films for fans to collect. From the Golden Trio’s wands to a variety of dark Death Eater styles, Warner Bros have got them stocked up somewhere for you to buy – and I will buy them! Out of everything I collect, my wands are my favourite things, as I really admire the detail that went into these props – props that could have only been seen on the big screen for a few seconds. That’s a dedicated props team!

I’ve shared some of my wands before in the past, when Matt was trying to teach me to use a DSLR, but since then, I’ve expanded my collection quite a bit…though my photography skills haven’t improved much!

McGonagall, Carrow, Fleur Delacour, Death Eater Swirl wands

From top to bottom, these wands belong to Professor McGonagall, Alecto Carrow, Fleur Delacour and a Death Eater. I broke McGonagall’s almost seconds after being given it by Matt, but I think I repaired it well enough! Carrow’s wand was a wand I wanted for a long time, but it certainly looks better on camera! The twists look as if they were painted in a rush, and the handle is covered in tiny spikes. Fleur’s wand is so characteristic, very elegant and ornate. That, and the swirled Death Eater wand are the most beautiful in the series. I read somewhere that J.K Rowling favoured plain wands, but when there was a change of director, he wands the wands to be unique, and to represent the wizard wielding them. Fleur’s suits her perfectly – though I wish I knew more about the owner of the Swirl wand! Sirius, Voldermort's and Luna's wands

From top to bottom, these wands are Sirius Black’s, Lord Voldermort’s and Luna Lovegood’s second wand. I was never a fan of Sirius’ wand until I bought it off eBay accidentally (I read the listing wrong, and thought it was Snape’s wand) and seeing the detail on it has changed my mind. The top of the wand is engraved with twirling abstract patterns, then the handle changes to sharper edges and the engravings become runes – similar to Sirius’ tattoos from Azkaban. It’s very thin though, and feels more fragile than others. Voldermort’s wand, like Fleur’s, is a fantastic representation of its owner. Though it appears to be bone, it’s made of Yew. Like Sirius’ wand, it tapers off to a very thin tip which, combined with its bone like appearance (thought it’s actually made of Yew) fits He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named perfectly! Luna’s wand was the result of many hours eBay searching, and I got it for the bargain price of £1. The handle resembles a closed flower, and has a wonderful warm colouring. Bellatrix and Draco's wands

This picture shows Bellatrix’s and Darco’s wands. Bellatrix’s actually belongs to Matt, and was bought the first time we visit the studio tour together. I think it’s really well designed, with its unusual shape and carvings, it really stands out. Draco’s wand is really simple, I’m not sure if it changed design between the second and third film like so many other characters’, but I don’t think it did. Draco’s wand was bought off eBay, and in all honestly was a bit more trouble than it was worth. It’s quite damaged, and though it was only a fraction of the price I think I’d have rather spent more and got one in better condition. Hermione's, Greyback's, Parvati's and Ginny's wands

From left to right, this picture shows the wands of Hermione Granger, Fenrir Greyback, Parvati Patil and Ginny Weasley. Hermione’s wand was the first wand in my collection, and I’m amazed that, after owning it for over 5 years, it’s still in one piece. It is a surprisingly long wand, and has vine detailing running the length of it. Greyback’s wand is very simple, but I really like the black and silver colouring. Unlike Hermione’s, it has an obvious handle and is very comfortable to hold. Parvati’s wand is a favourite of mine, and one I’ve been desperate to buy for a few years. The dragon’s wing handle is beautiful, and isn’t as uncomfortable to hold as it may look! I purchased it from my last visit to the Warner Bros Studio Tour, along with Ginny’s wand. Ginny’s wand is another simple looking design, but the criss-crossing patterns on the handle are actually rather intricate!Harry Potter Wand Stand

After months of these wands sitting on a shelf and not being seen, I bought this wand stand from eBay. It’s made of MDF, and required a bit of assembly, but it’s a much nicer way to display wands! Since taking the photographs for this post, I’ve ordered another two wands – so I think I’ll need another wand stand too!

Which wand is your favourite? How do you display your collectables?


June Favourites – 2016

June Favourites 2016I know I said this is my last post, but I really was gobsmacked when I realised that 2016 was halfway through! June was so jam packed for me, but I really enjoyed it – in fact, I quite miss it! As well as making lots of new friends, and new memories, I also discovered (or, re-discovered!)  a few new products!

razermambaRazer Mamba

When I was 15, I won a mouse from Windows XP magazine for writing the star letter in an issue, and no mouse I’ve had since has been as comfortable as that one . In the past few years, with my fingers breaking and healing badly as often as they do, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an ergonomic gaming mouse for a while – so my hand is comfortable and so I don’t have to move it as much. While working double shows, in a fit of “I’m tired and want to buy myself a present-itis” I strolled into Game and bought myself a Razer Mamba. It’s lightweight but robust, very comfortable to hold, extremely responsive and the fact that it lights up in rainbow colours is an added bonus

keepthesecretsHarry Potter / Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter is a long standing favourite of mine, but seeing Cursed Child really was unlike any theatre experience I’ve had before. With the press embargo still being in place, I can’t say much more than I have done, but seeing it really re-kindled my love for Harry Potter. I’ve had a great time re-reading the books, re-watching the films and generally spending too much money on wands and figures, but knowing what I know now from Cursed Child makes it all a hugely difference experience.

godsofolyGods of Olympus

Last month, I bought myself a new iPad as my current one couldn’t run anything over iOS 6, and a new phone because I dropped mine in a bucket of water off stage. For whatever reason, I couldn’t back either of them up from online backups so I spent a lot of my time trawling through apps trying to remember what I had in the past and had enjoyed. While searching. I came across Gods of Olympus – a mix of Clash of Clans and Age of Mythology. You create your own village, with barracks, defences and houses. At the same time, you can erect temples to God and Goddesses and have them rampage through other people’s villages for you. It’s a fun little twist on, what I feel, is how an overdone concept in app games. My only complaint it how little ‘energy’ you can store at a time. Unless you earn a bonus from levelling up, you can only store enough energy for four battles, which seems a bit of shame!

Have you found any fun apps this month?


Mid-Year Musings

I drew this and I'm bloddy proud of it! xThis is a bit of a rambling post – but I began the draft at 5am this morning after waking up from a nightmare. The nightmare wasn’t about monsters or murderers, but about my mum and her health, and though it was just a dream, it really hit a nerve. I’ve spent this whole day reflecting on it, and it wasn’t until I got to the very end of this post that I realised what I was really thinking. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this, it’s a bit of an odd one!

I woke up this morning to see it was July 1st. July 1st 2016. In my head, it’s still about 2012, I’m still 21 and I’m more than capable of waking up at 5am and still being awake at midnight. Sadly, none of these things are true.

It’s very strange to think that this year is now halfway through. It’s been a bit of a hectic half, with 7 shows, 4 broken fingers, 3 weddings, 2 trips to A and E, 1 trip to London, 1 flat move, 1 unexpected £279 bill, 1 half expected £1165 bill, and numerous breakdowns*. I’ve learned a huge amount, but I’ve probably forgotten just as much. I’ve achieved a lot, but there’s a lot more I haven’t achieved that I wanted to.

I’ve learned how to make a lot more props, using a variety of materials. I got to do some latex moulding which was really useful. I got to call some really technical shows, call an amazing musical and do all this with my friends. I made new friends, and actually took the time to catch up with old friends whose texts and Facebook messages got lost in amongst the abundance of rehearsal calls, props receipts and script notes. I moved into a wonderful flat, and finally got my own desk to work on. I got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – something which I’ll never forget. I’ve taken time out to read, to game, to go for walks or listen to new music. I’ve learnt how to play some new card games, and I’ve revived my love of chess. I’ve practised my trumpet in these six months more than I had done in the past three years.

But, I haven’t lost any weight. I haven’t worked on this blog. I haven’t pushed myself into situations that scare me. I haven’t been as careful with my money as I was last year. I’m still short-tempered and stressy. I still haven’t got a hearing aid, or really begun to learn sign language. I haven’t travelled. I haven’t tried to re-learn Spanish. And yes, some of those things are because I haven’t had the time to do them – but maybe instead of playing The Witcher so much, I could have taken half an hour out to go through my sign language dictionary, or gone for a walk. Some of the things I haven’t done because I’m lazy. Some I haven’t done because I’m scared. Some I haven’t done because I’ve been spiteful, bitter or just plain grumpy. I can get really grumpy.

At first, I wrote this post to berate myself, to write down all the things I’ve failed at so far to try to jumpstart into action – but you know what? I’m actually quite happy with what I’ve done so far! I’m not going to reassess myself, and make new goals to reflect my shortcomings. I’m keeping the same goals because I’d like to achieve them, but I’m also just going to keep doing what I’m doing. After all, I don’t think I’d be having as much fun if at the end of the year, all I could look back on was the fact I couldn’t remember the Spanish for ‘straight ahead’. I’ll achieve some things, and other things I won’t. I might get close to achieving them or I might not even attempt to do them. And that’s okay, because it’s only July 2016.

I’ve had a really great half of this year – and I hope you have too!


*Why won’t the prop dummies retain their shape? Why aren’t I a wizard? Why do I keep missing LXQ 133? Why didn’t I go to Hogwarts? Why aren’t my ears getting better? Why aren’t I an ASM on Cursed Child? Where have I put that prop? Will I ever get to be involved in Harry Potter? Why aren’t my emails sending? I’ve got a hole in my Ravenclaw sock…..and so on.

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