Feb Faves

February FavouritesFebruary was just one of those months. I got up, I did my stuff, I went to work. Sometimes the days dragged, sometimes they flew by. Work was fun, and I got to see my friends and family more than usual as I was only doing the one show – but nothing about February stands out as particularly amazing.

Still, even if February wasn’t the stand out month of my life, there’s always monthly favourites to be cheerful about! Continue reading

A Day In The Life!

Despite the fact that it ruins my sleeping patterns, I really enjoy my job. Working in theatre means I get to work with some very exciting, enthusiastic, interesting people who always have a story to tell! Unless I’m on double shows, I’ll rehearse for three weeks during normal office hours, and then when the show is running, I’ll be on show call. Continue reading

Time to Start Saving!

Last year, thanks to Matt’s disapproving glare every time I picked something up in a shop, and finally opening a different bank account, I managed to save £4,000. Considering that last year I was deep into my overdraft I was really happy with my savings – it wouldn’t be long until I had £10,000 saved, or so I thought.

Instead, HMRC calculated my tax bill at a huge £5600….which is around 70% of my ‘profit’ from last tax year. Not only did it mean that my entire saving account would be drained, I actually ended up back in my overdraft. It wasn’t the best start to 2017, if I’m being completely honest. Continue reading

January 2017 Favourites

January 2017 FavouritesJanuary 2017 has come and gone – and I think I’m the only person who felt like it lasted forever! January began as a busy month, as I was working on two shows, however it eased off towards the end giving me a chance to relax, and spend money I don’t have. I spent a lot of time at home this month, because I find January far too cold to go outside for fun, so I got to do a lot of DIY and organising when I wasn’t in work which had made my flat feel more like a home – and I think my favourites reflect this! Continue reading

Sights to See in 2017

Sights to See in 2017Being self employed and working in theatre means that mine and Matt’s time off usually doesn’t match up, especially at the moment while Matt is on tour. On the odd occasion Matt’s able to come for the day, I usually have an evening show, so we actually only see each other for four hours – not including the time we’re asleep. Sometimes though, we strike lucky, and end up with a whole week off at the same time. Continue reading

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I'm a 25 year old from Liverpool, currently working backstage in theatres round and about. I spend far too much time playing games when I should be working, or eating. Hogwarts is my home.

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