The Harry Potter TagHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is now 20 years old. For 80% of my life Harry Potter has been there for me when I was bored, lonely or sad. Harry was there to remind to be brave, Ron was there to remind to be a better, kinder, more supportive friend despite having my own problems and Hermione was there to make me be the best student I could be. I realise it sounds dramatic, but Harry Potter really changed my life, and it continues to do so even now.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, I really wanted to write a Harry Potter blog, but I knew that if I was left to my own devices, I’d ramble more than I’d ever rambled before so I decided to look online for a Harry Potter tag and I immediately found one by FandomsOnTheRun that I wanted to try. Any excuse to talk about Potter!

1) Favourite book?
I’ve always enjoyed reading Prisoner of Azkaban the most. I loved the character developments in it, the new characters we were introduced to and the different direction the plot took – i.e, away from Voldermort. It also gave us a bigger glimpse into Harry’s past than we’d had before.

2) Least favourite book?
This was a difficult choice, but I find Half-Blood Prince to be my least favourite book. Some parts of it felt extremely rushed, and I think the revelation of Snape as the Half-Blood Prince was a bit of a let down. It’s still a fantastic book, but seeing as I had to pick one, it’s HBP.

3) Favourite movie?
I have never met anyone who agrees with me on this one – but I love Chamber of Secrets. I think Rupert Grint is fantastic in that film, and the cinematography is so comforting. While they are battling dark wizards and giant snakes, the trio are 12/13 years old! This was a film about them being at school, and I feel that the later films, with the darkness and the moody lighting, took away that innocence and naivety and optimism that is in Chamber of Secrets.

4) Least favourite movie?
It’s a toss up between Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix. I know PoA saw a change in direction, but as I said above, this was a series about school children, and the opening scenes of PoA just felt too dark. It does have the best soundtrack of the series though, and the scene with Lupin and Harry on the bridge is wonderful.
I like Order of the Phoenix, but I feel too much was left out of it. I understand why, but it was still a shame!

5) Favourite quote?
“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.” – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

6) Favourite Weasley?
The obvious answer is Ron, but I’ll pretend the questions doesn’t want us to include Ron and say Bill. I feel we didn’t get to read enough about Bill and Charlie, but Bill always came across as hugely cool. It was great to see his character develop in the later books, particularly his work with the Order.

7) Favourite female character?
Hermione was my idol growing up, she was clever and naturally gifted, but she was also a testament to hard work. She didn’t get failure get her down and she was a great friend to Harry and Ron, often being the peace keeper. She was the first female character I’d really come across who wasn’t a Disney princess kind of heroine, and it was the first time I felt like I could relate to a character.

Bellatrix8) Favourite villain.
Bellatrix Lestrange was always my ‘favourite’ villain. Some followed Voldermort through fear, some had been forced into it, some followed him but seemed to show regret but Bellatrix loved Voldermort. She was obsessed with him, and her only desire was to impress him. She was evil for evil’s sake, which made her very interesting to read.

9) Favourite male character?
Professor Lupin – at the age of 21 he lost his three best friends but he carried on. He, like Hermione, was the voice of reason and the grounding character to balance the firey personality of Sirius. It must have been so hard for him being absent from Harry’s life for 12 years when he should have been a second father to him – but he carried on.

10) Favourite professor
Professor Lupin, as above. I’m always a huge fan of Professor McGonagall up until Cursed Child, when I felt she drastically changed.

11) Would you rather A) wash Snape’s hair or B) spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself
What an odd question. Listen to Lockhart for a day seems a better option for me, because I’m half deaf and could just stop listening!

12) Would you rather duel A) an elated Bellatrix or B) and angry Molly?
I think I’d rather duel an elated Bellatrix. I don’t think I’d take the risk of battling angry Molly! I’d like to think Bellatrix would lower her guard a bit if she was elated.

13) Would you rather travel to Hogwarts via A) Hogwarts Express or B) Flying Car?
The Hogwarts Express – obviously! It’s a right of passage!

14) Would you rather A) Kiss Voldemort or B) give Umbridge a bubble bath?
I’m going to give a cop-out answer on this one and say neither. I don’t think I could give anyone a bubble bath.

15) Would you rather A) ride a Hippogriff or B) ride a Firebolt?
Even with cushioning charms and other magic, I can’t imagine I’d feel very safe or stable on a broomstick so I’ll be riding on a Hippogriff!

16) Is there a character you felt differently about in the movies?
I don’t think Ginny or Ron got a fair deal in the films. Ginny seemed surplus to requirements, and Ron was demoted to comic relief. Out of the two though, I think Ginny would be the character I’d change more. I’d give her back that fierceness that we didn’t get to see in the films, and the quick-wittedness!

17) Is there a movie you preferred to the book? 
I don’t think so, but I think I appreciate the film and book of Chamber of Secrets the same amount.

18) Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?
I loved Richard Harris as Dumbledore; he was warm and caring. I feel he was easier to connect to than Gambon – but I’m really not sure he could have performed the more intense scenes as well as Gambon. It’s a shame we never got to see.

19) Your top thing (person or event) that wasn’t in the movie that you wanted there the most?
Winky, the realisation that wizards use slave labour and Hermione’s S.P.E.W movement in Goblet of Fire were incredibly important – and very poignant. Instead we saw Hermione twirl around in a pretty dress and complain Ron didn’t ask her to the Yule Ball. I’ve nothing against twirling, but she can do both, it’s a shame we only got to see that one side of Hermione.

20) If you could remake any of the Harry Potter movies which would it be? 
I’d like to remake Prisoner of Azkaban, and bridge the gap between the lightness of Chamber of Secrets and the darkness of Goblet of Fire. I have no idea how I’d do it, but that’s what I’d be planning!

21) Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be a part of?
Hufflepuff – I wasn’t brave, I wasn’t cunning and I wasn’t clever. At the age of 8 that’s all I could really associate with the different houses!

22) Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore? 
Ravenclaw, which I was very happy about. By the time Pottermore was created, I felt I was closest to Ravenclaw.

Hogwarts - Scale Model23) Which class would be your favourite?
I think I would love Transfiguration, though I don’t know if that’s because of the subject or because of McGonagall.

24) Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?
Apparation. I’m the laziest person in the world, being able to apparate to the rehearsal room in the winter would be so useful!

25) Which character do you think you’d instantly become friends with?
I’d love to be friends with Hermione, but in reality I think we’d clash a lot. I think I’d be friends with Ron – we’d play Wizard’s Chess together.

26) If you could own one of the three Hallows, which would it be?
The Elder Wand would be too dangerous, and the Resurrection Stone wouldn’t be good for me so I’ll stick with the Invisibility Cloak.

27) Is there any aspect of the books you’d want to change? 
I’d want to change the Dursleys so they were kinder to Harry. Harry didn’t need to suffer so much abuse from them – especially in the later books. Pertunia and Dudley got some amount of redemption, but I think they didn’t really need it in the first place because they didn’t need to be so abusive in the first place.

28) Favourite Marauder?

29) If you could bring one character back to life, which would it be?
Sirius – but more for Harry. The guilt Harry must have carried for the rest of his life over Sirius’ death…does Harry really need any more stress?

30) Hallows or Horcruxes?
The Hallows! I wouldn’t use them, but why would you want Horcruxes?!

I’m always nervous about tagging other people – but if you’d like to use this tag feel free!

Are you a Potter fan? Have you picked up a 20th Anniversary edition of The Philosopher’s Stone


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  • I didn’t get into HP until 1999/2000. Can’t believe it’s been that long. My favourite is PoA, too! I loved the new characters, the unexpected plot twist, and the glimpse of the generation before Harry 😀 My least favourite is Chamber of Secrets, from the first four books. The last three, I’ve yet to decide . . . I’m with you on PoA having the best soundtrack :3 I actually do prefer PoA as my favourite from the movies. The first and second movies rank the lowest for me . . .

    Some of those questions made me laugh, like the one about Snape’s hair and Lockhard’s rant. I’m with you on Lupin being my favourite professor and male character. YES to apparation. I would totally learn that spell and do continental apparation so I don’t have to pay fopr airfare! I’d stick to the Invisibility Cloak, too. That seems the safest route, indeed.

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