5 Games Under £5 To Get Before The Steam Sale EndsThe Steam Sale is nearly over, and I have bought nothing so far. I’m not making any money at the moment, so I’ve managed to talk myself out buying anything that isn’t essential but I don’t think it will be long before I cave in. I can’t resist pretty games, and I can’t resist a bargain and Steam have some real bargains!

People have different opinions on what counts as a bargain though, and I saw so many websites recommending new games that were still around £30 on sale. That might be a bargain in comparison, but for skint people like me, it’s far too much! I had a look through my Steam library, and picked out 5 games I love that I got for a real bargain price – less than £5. With just two days left of the sale, here’s 5 games I’d recommend you get from the Steam Sale, each for £5 or less!

LuminiLumini – 75% off, Now £1.99

Lumini is a flow game; a game with minimal combat, graceful movements, relaxing soundscapes and beautiful graphics. Lumini is not a challenging game, at all. The Lumini are small faerie creatures who have returned to their home world to find it destroyed. In an effort to save their planet, they venture through it collecting residual energy to restore shrines, grow their population and save their planet. It’s the kind of game you turn to when you have a hundred games and nothing to play, and for £1.99 I’d say that’s not too shabby!


Final Fantasy IIIFinal Fantasy III – 50% off, Now £5.49 (sorry!)

FF3 was the first game of the Final Fantasy series that I played, and I really fell in love with it! FF3 follows four children who are destined to become Warriors of Light and restore balance to the world. The four then travel throughout the world, completing quests and battling creatures to free the crystals and save the land. It’s a traditional RPG, and features the best jobs / class system I’ve encountered. The game wasn’t originally released outside of Japan, and it wasn’t until a DS remake in 2006 that it was able to travel overseas, so it’s slipped under the radar for a lot of people. If you’ve never played an RPG before, this is a great starting game – and if you’re a regular player this is a great game to add to your collection!


Shadows of MordorShadows of Mordor – 80% off, Now £3.19

With Shadows of War being announced, now is the time to blast through Shadows of Mordor so you can be ready! Based in the Lord of the Rings Universe, SoM follows the ranger Talion, ressurected and ready to avenge his family. Throughout the game, you encounter Uruk warlords who you can battle – but here’s where it gets interesting. If an Uruk kills you, the A.I remembers this, gives the Uruk a memory of your defeat and a significant power boost. The Uruk army then has a little bit of a reshuffle – so there’s no case of you repeating a quest and it being exactly the same


Age of Empires IIAge of Empires II – 75% off, Now £3.74

I seriously doubt anyone needs me to tell them to buy Age of Empires – but I’m including it here, just incase. Age of Empires II is a strategy game where you compete against other civilisations to create the strongest empire in the world. Unlike Civilisation, AoE isn’t turn based so you really have to be on your guard at all times! It’s fun to play alone, it’s fun to play as campaign but it’s at its most fun when you’re playing against friends.


Child of LightChild of Light – 66% off, Now £4.09

Child of Light, like Lumini, is a beautiful game set to one of the most moving soundtracks I’ve ever heard. The platform RPG follows Aurora, a princess who has passed away, and her firefly companion Igniculus as they try to free the sun, moon and stars from the Queen of the Night. The game is laid out almost like a children’s book, with simple graphics and a script written almost entirely in rhyme – which makes it charming, but also lulls you into a false sense of security. The combat system is quick complicated initially, which keeps the game exciting and a little challenging. If you were going to buy just one game from the sale, I’d make it this.

Have you bought anything from the Steam Sale? Do you have any recommendations?


6 Responses to 5 Games Under £5 To Get Before The Steam Sale Ends

  • I haven’t bought anything in the Steam sale either! (At least not yet, lol.) I just feel like I have too many games to get through right now. Not to mention, if it’s on sale now, it’ll definitely be on sale again later, and possibly for an even lower price. I might as well wait!

    Oohh, I haven’t heard of Lumini, but that sounds like a relaxing game. I have FF3 on DS, but I never got too far into it. I always feel like I should go back and give it another chance. Seeing Shadow of Mordor for 80% is soooo tempting. What a good price! I know that it’s a game I’d enjoy, but I really need to clear out some other games first.

    I second the recommendation for Child of Light! I loved that game, especially the graphics and music. I played it on Wii U though.

    I like to recommend indie games because they’re at very low prices during the sales, and there’s so many good ones. All of the Klei games like Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja are on sale right now and so are the Supergiant ones like Transistor and Bastion. They’re such good games!

  • I haven’t bought anything myself. I rarely buy anything from Stream anyway. XD I think the only thing I ever bought was Grandia II. Though a few of these games look interesting! Always did want to play Child of Light. As for FFIII I already have that on DS. Never did finish it though!

  • Wow FFIII looks cool. Too bad I don’t really play computer games. Not that I have the time to do so, sadly. 🙁

  • Hehehe I remember three summers ago I splurged like $50 on the Steam Sale and got 100 games. I haven’t bought anything on Steam for a while though, because my backlog is so loooooong. 😛 I picked up a Final Fantasy one time, but not Shadows of Mordor, though I remember when that was released at full price. Glad I didn’t buy it then!

    Child of Light is one of my favorite favorite favorite games! It’s beautiful and creative and appeals to the little girl in me. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Thank you for sharing these games, they look interesting! I can remember playing Age Of Empires when I was younger and it was the first game that I really became obsessed with. Now I want to play it again haha.

  • FFIII! I have the DS version, and I’d played it, but the actual gameplay and the plot didn’t hold my interest that much. I felt that the plot and the characters were bland compared to what I’m used to in the other games XD;;; But I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Child of Light looks like a beautiful game, but I am not sure if I’ll like the combat. I may try it, still, though :3

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