What I Got in the Steam SaleIf I hadn’t been unemployed for the past two and a half months, I would have spent a small fortune during the Steam Sale this time around. For some reason, every game looked incredibly appealing, and I don’t usually have much self-control when it comes to spending. As I said though, I’ve had no work since May and I have the second half of my tax bill looming, so even I knew I needed to be sensible when game hunting!I set two simple criteria for picking a game. If it was less than £10 and looked good, I added it to my wish list – which eventually turned into the most unrealistic wish list in the world. I’m hugely indecisive, so rather than spend hours agonising over which games I wanted, I wrote them all down and did a Steam Sale Tombola, picking them out of a hat until I had £20 worth of new games. I managed to get 7 games which I was more than happy with, and stick to a reasonable budget, which is very unlike me.

The prices listed are the current prices by the way, I can’t find my receipt with the sale prices on, but here’s the list of what I got during the Steam Sale!

BirdsketballBirdsketball – £1.59

This game was suggested to me by a friend, and it is one of the most fun but infuriating games I’ve ever played. The idea is incredibly simple, you are a bird and you’re playing basketball against another bird. What makes it fun (and also difficult) are the odd controls. Your movements are difficult to control in a QWOP sense – you’re never quite sure how much you should boost, or how to turn at a precise angle. It’s very easy to dip in and out of, and can be played on almost any computer and most of all, it’s addictive!


Fault : Milestone OneFault : Milestone One – £10.99

I didn’t read the desription for Fault when I bought it, I just liked the picture. I really should have done, as Fault is a cinematic novel, which follows the story of a Princess Selphine and her Royal Guardian Ritona. Other than pressing space to display the next bit of dialogue, Fault doesn’t require you to do anything. I’m sure if I read it, I’d enjoy it, but seeing as I expected a game rather than a story, I got a bit peeved and stopped reading it.


Moon HuntersMoon Hunters – £9.99

I added Moon Hunters to my wish list because I was writing a short story about a day when the sun doesn’t rise, so a small team of brave adventures go to find out why. I stopped, because this is the plot of Moon Hunters, only swap sun for Moon. After a festival in her honour, the moon doesn’t rise, so the power of the sun grows. You are given 5 days to find her, before you are killed as a symbol of the defeat of the moon by the sun. You then travel thoughout the land to find the reason why – building your characters stats through your actions rather like D&D. However – there is no way you will complete this game in your first run through. In fact, I think it’s impossible to. The game renders differently every time, so you can never play the same game twice. Instead, your achievements from each run are collected so you begin each new game with more options, more power and more knowledge until you can eventually win. You can play a local game with up to four players using various controllers, or you can play online – but the game – with its mixture of storyboards and pixel graphics, wonderful soundtrack and great combat system, is just as fun to play alone.


Stardew ValleyStardew Valley – £10.99

I cannot believe it too me so long to buy Stardew Valley. I first read about it on SquidGuy’s blog and I knew it was something I would love but for some reason I forgot about it until this sale. Stardew Valley, in my opinion, is a pixel-art Harvest Moon. Your grandfather leaves you his farm as a safety blanket for when you get tired of modern working life (by the way, if anyone reading wants to leave me a little farm, go ahead. I’ll be tired of modern life soon!) You then build yourself a little life in Stardew Valley by farming, foraging, completing tasks and socialising – but you also encounter ghosts, forest sprites, a wizard and an evil corporation taking over the world. It’s a fun game, but you’ll easily waste days playing it!


They BreatheThey Breathe – £1.59

They Breathe is a gloomy arcade game, where you play as a frog who is diving deep to rescue his drowning friends. By swimming into oxygen bubbles, you can resurrect your froggy friends and keep yourself alive. Of course, it’s never that easy, so while you’re busy pushing your uncooperative friends into air, you’re getting attacked by jellyfish, seacows and other odd creatures who are against you. As much as I wanted to like it, I’m still indifferent to it – but if you’re looking for something easy to just kill time, it’s not a bad choice!


To The MoonTo The Moon – £6.99

To The Moon is brilliant and frustrating at the same time. The plot of the game, and the story, is lovely – people are granted a final wish by changing their memories to influence their subconscious. In this situation, a dying man wishes to see the moon. This can’t happen by magic, so you play two doctors who create patterns in his memory for you travel through until you get to a subconscious version of the dying man that’s young enough for you to influence. You then influence him to become and astronaut. Gameplay, however, is fustrating. The game is controlled only with your mouse, which makes movement clunky and sometimes slow as you can only walk in straight lines. To create memories, you interact with items that reoccur through his memories, but if you don’t click on it in the exact way the game wants you to, then it doesn’t register and you can waste so much time looking for another item that doesn’t exist. It’s a beautiful concept, but gosh its annoying to play.


The Vanishing of Ethan CarterThe Vanishing of Ethan Carter – £14.99

I have to be honest, I haven’t played Ethan Carter enough to form any opinion. In fact, I played it for about three minutes after taking this screenshot. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter describes itself as a ‘narrative experience that doesn’t hold you hand” following an occult dective in his search for a missing boy – Ethan Carter. Paul’s supernatural ability makes it possible for him to find things no other person could see – resulting in him finding much more than he was looking for. The game is beautiful, with stunning scenery and a very…unnerving soundtrack. I’m excited to play more of it – but I think I’ll save it until Matt is off tour. I’m a bit nervous about playing it alone!

This wasn’t everything I ended up buying, shortly after the Steam sale had finished I bought a game called Earthlock. Also, a game called Jotun was free to download so I picked that up too. I haven’t played either of them yet…I should probably stop buying games until I’ve cut my backlog down I bit!

Did you buy anything in the Steam sale?


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