August Favourites 2017August flew by. Being back at work really made the days go faster, it was almost surreal. From having all the time in the world while I was unemployed, it suddenly felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day to even breathe. My work life and my personal life have been quite rushed, and I feel like I haven’t managed my time in the best way at all. Alongside this, I’ve still been suffering from migraines – and now I’ve a few other symptoms such as numbness in my left foot, bruising easily and constant hunger. This has left me feeling very tired and irritable. I also had to pay the last chunk of my tax bill at the end of July after three months of no work – so I’ve spent August firmly in my overdraft, which is never good.

Still, with all that said, I had a lovely time in August! I celebrated my 26th birthday, I got to see Matt a lot, it was nice to earn money again and I’ve cemented some friendships. The show I’m doing is so physically demanding I’ve lost a good five pounds just running around backstage. There is always a silver lining! 

August was also a good month for favourites. Even though I was saving, my birthday meant I got the chance to try out many lovely new things – but because I was saving, I also got to go back to some old ones!

Some of Primark's new Harry Potter range - August FavouritesPrimark’s New Harry Potter Range

Primark brought out the goodies just in time for my birthday, which resulting in me getting showered with Ravenclaw treats! Primark have released a whole new range of Harry Potter items, with homeware, accessories, stationary and clothing all having their fair share of wizardy goods. My local Primark has already sold out of a lot of the products, so I’m glad Matt managed to get his hands on them! I’ve now got a Ravenclaw fleece blanket, a Ravenclaw cushion, two Ravenclaw notebooks, four new tote/shopping bags, a purse, a Ravenclaw hoodie, and the large zip bags in the bottom corner. I don’t know what they’re for, but I like them. I especially love my striped Ravenclaw pencil case – which I actually use to carry around medication, concealer and useful prop fixing tools!

Fire Emblem - August FavouritesFire Emblem : Heroes

Sometimes, Nintendo’s projects fall a bit flat. I’d rather they didn’t because I love Nintendo, but sometimes they don’t quite hit the nail on the head. Fire Emblem : Heroes is one of the success stories. Made for mobile devices, FE:H sees you take on the role of a summoner; a special hero who can summon heroes from past Fire Emblem stories to create your own unique and specialised team. You them proceed through maps, arena quests, special events and training realms to strengthen your team and grow. It’s a typical summoner/rpg mobile game – but with Fire Emblem. It’s easy to play, it’s extensive with a full soundtrack and voice acting, there’s no need for micro transactions and it’s still full of very active players. If you’re looking for an addictive game to play on your commute, this is it. They do like to update often, though, so a big data plan might be needed!

Grey’s Anatomy

I’m not much of a television watcher. In general, when I’m alone, I’ll be gaming or I’ll have vlogs on in the background while I work. When Matt first got Amazon Prime, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I got up to Series 4 before it was taken off Amazon, and was available on Now TV. Through the app Snatch, I won a 2 month pass for Now TV, which I saved until I was unemployed and used to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. I have never become so involved in a TV show – not even Breaking Bad. Yes, it’s over the top, it’s insane to think this much misery could happen to such a small group of people, but I love it. I’ve laughed, I’ve got angry and I’ve cried a huge amount – and last week I finally got to the end of it. I’m sorely tempted to start again from the top.

Lottie London Slay All Day - August FavouritesLottie London Slay All Day

Look how sharp that image is. That’s bad Photoshopping by me.

For some reason, now my skin has finally started to calm down at the age of 26, I’ve decided now is the best time to wear a full face of make up every day. Because I work long hours, I’ve been trying to use products that last a long time and, for the most part, nothing seems to last. I have, however, had a lot of use from Lottie products – particularly their range of Slay All Day liquid lipsticks. I picked this up months ago when I was out and my lips turned blue (they often do, it’s not a problem) and I needed something thick to cover them. Though the range of colours isn’t impressive at all (I think there are about 5 colours), the lipsticks themselves are. They last through lip licking, eating and drinking, nervous lip chewing and blowing up balloons without the need to re-apply. If you can find a colour you like, I’d suggest you pick one up! I have no idea what the name of the shade I own is, but it’s a muted purple/brown that goes well with almost everything – and it was only £5.99!

I’ve also enjoyed Final Fantasy IX and XII, Sail to the Moon by Radiohead and my dinosaur lamp. What have you enjoyed in August?


4 Responses to August Favourites – 2017

  • Happy Birthday!! And what great timing for all the goodies. XD I’m glad you’re back employed and enjoying your job. Pretty crazy that you lost 5lbs from all the running around! And man. I wish my skin calmed down at 26 too. Somehow, at 28, it’s still doing its thing… Lol.
    I hope you’ll get to the bottom of your medical issues soon 🙁

  • Happy belated birthday 🙂 It seems like August was a crazy month, but filled with some good things. Those Primark goodies look amazing 😀 I’ve not played any of the Fire Emblem games, but know of it. I see you enjoyed FF IX! I love that game — my favourite FF games from the 7-9 range. :3 Have a good September, and I hope your migraine issues become better for you.

  • Sorry to hear that you’re still dealing with migraines and that other symptoms have popped up too 🙁 I’m glad you still had a good August and birthday though! That’s great that Matt was able to get so many Harry Potter items for you when they were being sold out. The designs on them look really good.

    I know a few people who are really enjoying Fire Emblem: Heroes too. I don’t play the FE series nor many mobile games, so I haven’t tried it. It’s nice to see Nintendo doing well in the mobile game space though!

    That’s nice that you’ve found a lipstick that lasts long! I really should try more make-up because I want long lasting things for cosplay. In August, I was enjoying trying new art supplies!

  • Ooooh that lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous! hope this month was better for you 🙂

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