2018 Trends I'm On Board WithAs a young child, up until my second year of university, I stayed away from trends. I saw trends as things people followed to be cool, rather than because they liked it. Then when a trend came along that I did like, I denied that I liked it because I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. I had some skewed logic when I was young, and it’s fustrating now to think of all the things I liked but avoided, just because everyone else was also doing them.

Now, as I’m older and wiser, I’m happy to jump onboard with the latest trend if I like it – and 2017 was full of things I liked. 2017 indulged me in white things with gold spots, glitter, marble, plants and greenery indoors, and copper, or possibly rose gold. Sometimes I’m not sure which is which….

However, trends, by their nature, change, and I’m not ready for shops to stop selling me white mugs with gold spots, glittery things, and fake succulents! I scoured the net for the top trend predictions for 2018, hoping my plants were safe, and here’s what I found!

Ethan Carter Screengrab - it's pretty moody though

This is a screenshot from a game, but I’d have it on a wall in a gold frame…

Moody Radiohead-esque Photography is in!

Swoon Worthy has given me hope, as they claim typography will be out in 2018 in favour of moody photography. I’ve nothing against typography – I’ve got quite a bit of typography art myself, but it does feel that the markets were a bit oversaturated with inspirational quotes in brush fonts, leaving little room for anything else. I’m very happy to swap some of my fancy fonts for a picture of a misty forest, and it being trendy means I can do it without looking like a buzzkill!

My Plants Are Safe!

I would never get rid of my plants just because they weren’t ‘on trend’ anymore – but I wanted indoor plants to still be big in 2018 to keep them easy to buy and look after. Despite living in the city centre, access to plants and plant care gets difficult, as the closest thing to a garden centre is Wilkos. Tesco and M&S sell a limited amount of plants all year around, but they are usually seasonal and for gifting – not for actually growing a windowsill garden! IOL took statistics from Pinterest, and they claim that 2018 is the year of the patterned plant, but I’m happy as long as the city centre Wilkos keeps stocked up with plant pots!

And So Are My Sparkles

Vanguard claim that sequins will still be in for 2018, which I’m very happy about. Sparkles and glitter apparently dominated the catwalks – so I’m excited to see what the high street offers. I’ve already seen some embellished jeans and jackets in Primark – and I’m sorely tempted, however impractical they might be come washing machine time! I’m also interested in how glitter will be used in make-up in 2018. Glitter, holographics and sheens have been big in 2017 but I haven’t been able to get them to transfer to an everyday look without it seeming like it was too much. I want to incorporate glitter into my everyday!

Multiple Bags are trendy and functional

According to Harper’s Bazaar, carrying multiple bags will be a 2018 fasion trend. I didnt realise things like that could be trends, but as I usually carry at least two bags, I’m glad I’ll finally look trendy while doing it! I certainly don’t feel trendy…..I imagine the bags themselves have to be fashionable bags though, I doubt I’d get away with the Harry Potter totes from Primark!

Bronze / Brass Primark lantern

This lantern – it’s kind of old bronze / brass. I love it.

Copper and Gold remain firm favourites

Pinterest and Elle Decor both confirm that I’ll still be able to buy gold things and copper things on the high street, as mixed metallics are in. I’m quite excited for gold to be just as popular as copper was, and I’d be interested to see if dull brass breaks into the market! Last year from Primark, I bought this lovely battery powered lantern, which gave me serious Hogwarts vibes, and I’ve love to see more things in this finish! I’m a big fan of mixing metals, so fingers crossed.

At the end of 2017, I was promised that celestial prints and patterns were going to become big for winter. I didn’t really see a lot of them, so fingers crossed that starry skies travel over into 2018. Personally, I’d also prefer it if Bomber Jackets didn’t dominate the summer jacket selection like they did in 2017, because they don’t suit me at all, but that’s just a little selfish wish!

Do you follow any trends? Do you find things you like become trendy anyway? What do you hope to see on the high street in 2018?



2 Responses to 2018 Trends I’m On Board With

  • I love that trend of having 2 bags. I will keep it in mind, sounds very handy. Now I have a handbag and a fabric bag if I need to carry more stuff, but it doesn’t look as good.

  • I actually carry two bags with me, so that’s a trend I sort of follow? My two bags are my crossbody bag I use as a purse and a tote bag I use to carry my shoe, umbrella, and other doodads. They share a matching pattern, so at least they don’t clash!

    I’m not big on trends mostly because I don’t pay attention to them LOL. If Anything, I just do everything at my own pace and don’t care of it’s out of season and whatnot :3

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