My Top Played Songs of 2017 (According to Spotify)

Considering I pay for Spotify, and have access to so many artists, my Spotify is actually pretty limited. Rather than explore new music, I listen to one song that I like repeatedly. If I want to listen to new music, I stick Radio 6 on. This means I usually have a good idea which songs and artists will be on my annual top songs playlist from Spotify. However, seeing as I have hardly any memories from 2017, my playlist this year was quite the surprise – and also quite helpful in triggering a few memories for me!

Although the list features my top 40 songs, I thought that would make a bit of an epic post, so I narrowed it down to my top 10. For the sake of mobile users, I’ve made the title of each section a link, rather than embedding YouTube videos. I’d have no idea how to get them to resize with the window so I thought keeping them off the page altogether was the best thing to do!

The Ghost of You – My Chemical Romance

I love this song, evidently. Before 2017, I hadn’t really listened to a lot of MCR, just the Black Parade album, but this song came on Spotify one day and I became obsessed with it. I would listen to it on repeat as I walked to work and put it on repeat to fall asleep to. I like quite….shouty songs, and songs with big crescendos so it’s no surprise this jumped to the top of my most listened to list! It’s my most played song of 2018, so far, but I’m sure that will change. I’d hate to see the same song on top of 2018’s list.

Thistle and Weeds – Mumford and Sons

As a generalisation, I am not a Mumford and Sons fan, but this song came on during a particularly intense moment of Grey’s Anatomy and it stuck in my head. Like Ghost of You, it has a crescendo midway through that is extremely powerful. I had it on repeat solidly for a week, and although I don’t remember listening to it in Edinburgh – the song always reminds me of Edinburgh so I must have! Still, I’m surprised it got so high on the list as I don’t remember giving it much play time. However, it does go to show that even bands you dislike can surprise you once in a while!

The Mob Song – Beauty and the Beast (Live Action Version)

This is a good song, there’s no doubting that, but it got this high because I had it on repeat for days as I was trying to work out who says “Banners high!” at 2.04. It sounds like Luke Evans, but it looks like the Beast’s household in the film.

King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar

This was the song I expected to be second on the list. King Kunta is a fantastic song, and one I would have never discovered if it wasn’t for my brother, so thanks Michael. The first time I heard it, I thought it was a load of rubbish but as the day went on, I found myself singing it. I’ve listened to a few more Kenrick Lamar songs since, and while they’re good, none of them have stuck with me as much as King Kunta. Musically, it feels like it has more than its fair share of hooks so it’s like…300% more catchy than usual!

Evermore – Beauty and the Beast

When I first heard this song in the film, I hated it. I hated the timing of it, I hated the melody and I hated the tone. Matt however, loved it, and he played it a lot. The more he played it, the more it grew on me. Now, I love shouting it around the house when I’m home alone! It sounds very good with lots of bass, and the simple, repeating melody is very catchy.

Do You Feel It – Chaos Chaos

Ricky and Morty fans will recognise this as the song playing at the end of the Unity episode. It’s an excellent song, though it gets a little more miserable each time you listen to it. It’s extremely simple, it sounds like drum machines, a piano and vocals, but it feels very complex. I don’t usually listen to this song all the way through, as once the vocals finish the songs gets a bit too meloncholy even for me,  but Spotify seems to have counted it anyway!

The Rising Sun – Shinsuke Nakamura WWE

This was my go-to song if I was running late for work, as it makes me walk at quite the pace. I was only late for work twice last year, so I think it did its job! The Rising Sun is the entrance music of Shinsuke Nakamura for his WWE appearances, and is a very pace-y violin piece with modern and eastern elements. It’s very catchy, and very impressive to see played live!

Helena (So Long And Good Night) – My Chemical Romance

I didn’t listen to My Chemical Romance when I was 14, when I should have been listening to them. Instead, I waited until I was about 25 and relieved all my angst. It was listened to so much because I was trying to work out what he was saying when he was saying “We’ll meet again when both our cars collide” I had to google it, in the end.

Go Tell Aunt Rhody – Jordan Reyne

Go Tell Aunt Rhody is a old song, re-jigged and mood-ified for Resident Evil 7. My mum knew it as a song about Aunt Nancy and a goose, but I’d personally never heard it before. It’s extremely atmospheric, and uses silence very well to build tension. I’m not sure how it got so high on my list as it creeped me out! I don’t remember the last time I listened to it, so I doubt it will ever be on a most played list of mine again.

The Black Pearl – Klaus Badelt

At the start of 2017, I decided I was going to play trumpet again, and the piece I played as my warm up piece was The Black Pearl. I hadn’t read music in a long time though, and struggled to sight read the tempo. I played along to the piece as often as I could, again not usually finishing it, so I was surprised it was so high. Still, it is an excellent piece of music and one I’ve attribited to Hans Zimmer for years. Oops!

Although I could see my top songs, I wish I could have seen how many times I played each song. It would have been nice to see how each much each song added to my total time. I’m also very surprised that no Radiohead or Mansun songs made it into my top 10, however I would listen to whole albums by those bands rather than one song on repeat. I also listened to a lot of Original Mirrors’ songs on Youtube as they’re not on Spotify, and I know for a fact that I listened to Flying more times than Go Tell Aunt Rhody!

Are any of these songs favourites of yours? What did you listen to most in 2017?


3 Responses to My Top Played Songs of 2017 (According to Spotify)

  • The MCR songs are great and Beauty in the Beast? OMG, I love you so much for this!

  • I pay for Spotify, as well, but to be honest I only stick to like 3 different playlists. I have this thing that once I discover a good playlist I will rinse the shit out of it, haha.

    Loving this playlist, there are some good songs on here. My top songs in 2017 mostly included Bruno Mars, SZA and Ed Sheeran

  • I use Spotify but just the free version and I love it. The playlists are fantastic and I love finding new songs and new artists. The daily mixes are the best!

    My Chemical Romance were one of my fave bands in high school. The Black Parade album is awesome and I love some of the older stuff as well. Such a great band!

    Some great stuff on this playlist! I think my top played songs were probably made up of mostly eighties party songs.

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