January Favourites

Everyone’s already said it, but I’m joining in too. January went on forever. I was glad of it, to be honest! I don’t really want 2018 to fly by, so a slow start to the year was just my cup of tea. February hasn’t been so kind, though, and is rushing by at the speed of light. If February wants to slow down, that would be fine by me.

January saw me wave goodbye to the Christmas show, saw me pop to London and get engaged and then generally saw me not work and mope about because Matt has gone back on tour. While moping, I played a huge amount of Civ V – but that’s been on so many favourites’ lists, so here’s five other things instead!

January Favourites - Liz EarleLiz Earle Skincare

My mum went a bit trolley-happy in Boots over Christmas, taking advantage of their 3 for 2 offers, and bought one too many Liz Earle gift sets. She, very kindly, gave one to me, as she knows I’m prone to big breakouts and sore spots. On January 1st, I started using the Cleanse and Polish cleanser and the Skin Tonic toner daily, and my skin has never been so good. Sure, my chin area still gets a bit spotty, but overall it seems to have evened out my skin tone, reduce the appearance of pores and generally just cleaned me up! I use the Deep Cleansing mask on spots and my T-zone, and though it isn’t a miracle cure, it’s the best thing I’ve ever used on them. I imagine my skin will only get better with consistent use, so I’m expecting this to remain a favourite in months to come.

January Favourites - NYXNYX Wicked Dreams Palette

Despite raising the bar with my skincare and make-up over the past year, something I’ve never really thought much about is eye shadow. I like eye shadow, I like the freedom you have with the variety of colours and finishes – but I’m just rubbish at it. Because of this, I’d never really buy big palettes, just the odd cheap quad here and there. This NYX palette was a Christmas present, and I’m very grateful because I never would have bought it myself! The powders are soft, and actually feel like they’re blending, rather than just mixing together like poster paint powder creating little dust storms over your eyeballs. The colours really pop and I don’t end up with loads of fallout under my eyes making me look like I haven’t slept in three weeks. The colour pans are small, but there are so many to mix that I’m not worried about running out any time soon. I always just assumed eye shadow was eye shadow, and there couldn’t really be that much difference between it, but this has proved me wrong!

January Favourites - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generations

Do you ever put something on the telly just for background noise? That’s what we did with Yu-Gi-Oh! in January, and we shouldn’t have done because now Matt wants to buy Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. As if our 600+ Pokémon cards aren’t enough.
I watched Yu-Gi-Oh! as a teenager, and I read as much of the manga as I could afford. I played the trading card game with my brother and sister – and our neighbour, who was some sort of strategy god. As the game grew in popularity, the types of decks expanded, and the rules changed so older cards were banned and eventually it just became too expensive and too complicated to keep up as a hobby. Now there are Yu-Gi-Oh! apps for your phone and tablet, so I can play again without the huge price tag attached. Matt had downloaded Duel Generations, so I followed suit so we could duel each other and I built up quite the play time. The game gives you a starter deck which is moderately powerful, but generously awards points throughout your duels to allow you to buy booster packs. Obviously you can spend real money to buy the more powerful themed decks, but I’ve found the booster packs to be more than enough. With the rules being so complicated now, the game guides you through each phase, and gives you gentle nudges in the right direction to build your skill level quickly.

Duel Generations is quite a large app, and it is very laggy at some points, but I can put up with that if I get the freedom of Yu-Gi-Oh! without having to fork out £3.49 for a pack of 8 cards…..

January Favourites - Blue and GoldBlue and Gold Nails

Recently, I’ve been loving deep blue and gold colour schemes. Seeing as I can’t paint my flat those colours, and I really don’t suit wearing either of those colours, I’ve been wearing them on my nails instead. Sometimes I alternate each nail, sometimes I paint them blue and put on a gold sparkly top coat….it could go on and on but it’s been a long time since I wore another colour combination on my nails! Over Christmas I was using a No7 top coat with randomly sized gold leaf particles that looked amazing – but it also contained big golden stars which didn’t sit on your nail right and were scratchy. I’m on the lookout now for a gold leaf top coat sans stars to add to the collection.

Call Of Duty WW2 Online

Honestly, there’s nothing really special about COD WW2 online. In fact, my brother seems to think the online maps are the worst selection of maps ever in a COD game – so I’m not suggesting everyone should rush out and buy this game. However, when Matt comes home for his odd days off from tour, we both itch for a few rounds of COD WW2 over all of our other two-player games.  I’m absolutely terrible, and seeing as melee kills aren’t insta-kills any more I go negative on most games, but it’s fun. I’m a fan of the soundtrack, and there’s a decent selection of game modes – from your standard Team Deathmatch, to Capture the Flag to my personal favourite; Prop Hunt – where you disguise yourself as an object and the opposite team has to find you amongst a messy environment.

Maybe it’s more the playing online aspect than the actual game, though? It’s possible I’d feel the same way about Battlefront online – but COD WW2 is the game we picked, so that’s the favourite!

What did you enjoy in January? Do you play Yu-Gi-Oh or COD? Feel free to add me! (Uglyfish13)


2 Responses to January 2018 Favourites

  • Liz Earle sounds great, so does the NYX makeup. I have a NYX lipstick and I was surprised to see how good it is, lasts for a long time. I should try the eye shadows too.

  • That NYX palette is one of my favourites, and often wins out above my too faced and tarte palettes. Honestly I’m learning to LOVE a lot of NYX products. Their quality is pretty close to that of items I spend double on. I just sadly cannot use their foundations or powders at all due to my skin. That Liz Earle brand sounds quite good. I wonder if we can get that here in the US. I’ll definitely have to check. Lately I’ve been in love with both Dr. Brandt(pricey$$sadly), and Soap&Glory(pretty good for drugstore brand!). I’d love something to add to my skincare routine. This Texas weather is just horrid on my skin!

    I have to be honest, I didn’t enjoy CoD:WWII at all mutiplayer-wise. I liked the campaign, but I always play campaign before multi anyhow, as I’m more of a story-based gamer as of late. Who am I kidding, most of my time is spent on Skyrim or Fallout 4 due to being able to pause at whim lol.

    It was a pleasure to stumble across your blog!

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