My 2019 ResolutionsHere I am, fashionably late as always. Over three weeks into 2019, I’ve finally come up with my resolutions for the year, and actually written them down.

Last year was a bit of a disaster year, and I’ve seen a few people say that about 2018. I know personally, I charged into 2018 expecting it to be my year, but actually did very little work to achieve anything. I wanted things to be handed to me on a plate, I wanted miracles – and that’s clearly not how life works. So going into 2019, I gave myself a stern talking to. 2019 will be the year of working for it – but not working as flogging myself for 16 hours a day, 6 days a week (I’ve done that; it was hideous.) Working as in actually putting in the effort to make my life what I want it to be rather than expecting it to happen. So, as tradition dictated, I sat down and set myself some goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.

All the obvious ones are there – the ones I aim for every year with varying degrees of success. I’d like to double what’s in my savings account right now, while still putting in the right amounts into the joint account and the tax bill saver. I’d like to lose weight, but I’ve been saying that for four years to no avail. I’d like to go on more holidays, see my friends more and read more. I’d like to actually blog, seeing as I spend really life money on hosting this website, I may as well use it!

These are all doable things, but they’re not really resolutions, they’re just things I want to do for a happier life, so as well as aim for the above, I set myself a few more resolutions – things I want to do to make a change in the way I live day-to-day, rather than broad brush strokes of lifestyle changes.

Write In My Diary Every Day

My memory has really gone to pot these days. I’ve mentioned a few times how I can only really remember things based on the show I was doing at the time – but even then it’s only really the big things that stick, like births and weddings, the everyday things just float away. I remembered Holly had bought a diary once that lasted for five years (…I think? Sometimes I make things up now) so you could see the difference a year makes¬†¬† day-to-day. I originally started this blog as an online diary so I could do just that, but seeing as it hasn’t gone that well I guessed a diary that needed me to write just five lines a day was a better solution. I’ve written in it for three weeks solid now, and as well as giving me a record of my daily life, it’s made me realise how boring I am, so it’s also a bit of motivation for me to do that bit extra! Do I really want to be reading in three years time that all I did in 2019 was clean the fish tank out?

Picturesque Villiage - somewhere in the north near WaddowSpend Some Time Outdoors Every Day

We all have days where we don’t want to leave the house, but whenever you’re feeling down someone always suggests that you go outside and get some fresh air. When I lived in town, and I didn’t even need to leave the house to pick up food, I could got for weeks without getting fresh air. Now I’ve got a yard (which I’m trying to do out in a nice Mediterranean style) it’s comforting to know I’ve always got somewhere to sit and breathe, even if I’m feeling a bit down. The weather isn’t too cheerful at the moment, so spending time outdoors isn’t something I’m doing willingly, but I do feel better whenever I’ve been outside, so I’ll be sticking with it! When it’s the summer, I intend to do most of my paperwork outside, but with that not being an option yet, I need to find some little reasons to leave the house.

Grow The Paper Prop Stop

For a month last year, I really thought I had the hang of my Etsy Shop – The Paper Prop Stop. After doing some period shows in small venues, I realise how difficult it was to get wartime paper props, like certificates and tickets, that look new. Obviously, the ticket you see scanned in online is at least 70 years old – what if you needed one that looked like it had only just been given out? And so, my shop was born. In that first month, I’d made a fair bit of stock (considering what kind of shop it is) and I was making good, consistent sales. At the end of the month though, when my full-time job started again, the shop got put on the back-burner – to the point where nothing has been added to it in 6 months.

As much as the shop wasn’t a big earner(*), it was fun, and it gave me a reason to practise my Photoshop skills. It was also handy to use as a portfolio if I needed to show theatres my prop making skills. Honestly, that never happened because I was never employed as a prop maker but there was no harm in having it! This year, I’m going to go out of my way to keep the shop opened and updated, even if I’m just making one new prop a month. I also never went out of my way to promote the shop last year, and while sales aren’t actually a big thing for me, it would be nice to kick the sales up a bit. I’ll be practising my promotional skills alongside my Photoshop skills this year, too!

(*) I try not to sell anything over a pound. I’m aware of how much my time is worth, as I’ve freelanced for 7 years, but considering the time I put in vs how in-demand the product is, I’ve found I make more sales with low prices. After all, at a push, you could just go online and download an old one for free…)

Heavily planted Guppy tank - World of Warcraft ThemeDo More With My Fish

My blog name is actually relevant now, as I’ve become a bit obsessed with fish. While I was off work last year, as well as watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy, I got stuck in a YouTube wormhole of watching people set up aquariums. While I was renting, I had to like vicariously through YouTubers like Solid Gold Aquatics and The King of DIY, but as soon as we moved house and we were settled, I started making plans for my own fish. I’ve had some disasters along the way (there’s so much to fish keeping I was clueless about!) but I’ve now got two happy aquariums set up, with a third being cycled – and I’d like to expand more on them, and maybe dedicate a bit more of my blogging time to discussing my fish. I’d also like to broaden my horizons a bit when it comes to what species I keep, but I know I’m not at that level…yet. I realise fish keeping is a bit of a niche, but I’m tired of forcing out post/articles that I’m not interested in. This blog was originally just an online diary – I’d like it to become that again.

Four resolutions that aren’t my typical choices! Fingers crossed I’ll stick to them – they say it takes 21 days to make a habbit and this is getting posted on January 24th. The diary writing has become a habbit – but the others may need a little longer!

Did you make any resolutions? What’s the resolution you find yourself breaking every year?


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  • Good luck with all your resolutions. They all sound great. I was thinking of having a diary, but I can’t seem to be able to write every day in it (or every week). Hugs xx

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