Matt and I, after climbing a hill we didn't think we'd finish!


I’m Katy, a 30 year-old former backstage worker, who tried to become a marine biologist – but I couldn’t swim. In between my new job and learning to swim I find myself playing games more than I should. Seeing as I’m getting on in years, I’m finding it more and more difficult to keep track of what I’ve played, what I’ve done, if I enjoyed it……

I’ve had a website for years now, going through phases of writing regularly, to not saying anything for months on end.

Feel free to add me on the following platforms:

Blizzard – Uglyfish#2290
Steam – Uglyfish
Pokemon Go – 3019 4599 0639
Wizard’s Unite – 3833 0185 5018



A log of my gaming, other I'll forget what I've done because I'm getting old.
Currently playing:
- Genshin Impact
- Elden Ring
- Pokémon Shining Pearl
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